Natural Disasters in the World

Natural disasters happen all over the world. Earthquakes crack streets, tsunamis flood cities, and tornados destroy everything in their path. Millions of people die every year, and the livelihood of the survivors are forever shaken. The suffering caused by natural disasters cannot be ignored.
This is Nature's Domain, and our goal is to help you and inspire you to help others.

Be Prepared!

Being prepared for these situations is one of the best things you can do. An easy way to be prepared is by having a survival kit. Survival kits include basic things like flashlights, water, nonparishables, and clothes.

Our Invention

Our solution to this nationwide epidemic is called the Adjustable Home. This house is designed to protect one’s home from the most extreme weather conditions.

It is a house that is on a hydraulic lift. When there is a tornado, the house will go down into the ground and a metal slide will close over it. When there is a flood or tsunami, the house will be pushed up high and support beams will come out to help keep the house still.

This plan could be the key to saving millions of lives and homes when disaster unexpectedly strikes.

Always Be Cautious and Aware

You never know were and when a disasters will strike so you have to stay aware by listening to the news, radio or check the weather on a device daily.

Also remember to pack your survival bag and keep it near.

The Future

We hope all people can read this page and learn more about natural disaters annd how to stay safe during them. Knowledge is power and knowing how to protect yourself can give you the strength to overcome things that scare us. We hope that learning these facts now inspire you to look into more information to be prepared and informed so you can stay safe.

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